Why birth photography?

To put it simply, birth is amazing. It’s beautiful and empowering and one of the most incredible things that we as humans can do to create life. Even before having my own children, birth was something that totally inspired me and left me in awe. After the birth of my first baby, a moment that was one of the best in my life, I knew that I wanted to capture and savour that very moment for women when they meet their babies for the very first time.

Mainstream birth culture seems to be filled with so much fear and this fear is validated with Hollywood perceptions of what birth is. As a result, many women choose not to have their birth photographed.

But there are so many reasons why you would want your birth visually documented.

Birth is so much more than birth canals and bodily fluids. It’s the tiny moments that change everything. We’ve documented so much of our lives, why would we not document the day that we’ve longed for for nine months…some maybe even years.

Photography can be an excellent tool to piece together the timeline of your birth story and help to control feelings by reliving that experience. It can help keep that wonderful oxytocin hormone flowing and ride that high just a little bit longer. Having your birth captured can make you feel empowered and when looking back at your images, no matter how you birthed, you can proudly say, “I did that”. You will never regret being able to look back at the very moment your child entered the world.

While I wish nothing less for a womens birth experience to be positive and empowering, unfortunately women do experience birth trauma. Birth photography can be a way to help you process this trauma, validate and comfort those negative feelings and heal that experience in way to move forward.

When hiring me as your birth photographer, I consider it a huge honour to be invited into such a sacred, private and intimate space. I am well aware and have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the birth process, birth space and the sacred moment that is birth. I acknowledge and respect the people who are caring for the birthing mother and am whole heartedly committed to working together to provide the best and most positive experience possible. I work unobtrusively and candidly, capturing moments as they happen in a way that visually documents a birth story for a mother to relive, process and cherish. 

If you’re an expecting mama and having your birth captured by me is something you’d like to chat more about, get in touch via the contact form. I’d love to hear from you!