The birth of Poppy + Winter

Jasmine and I met through mothers group in 2015 and we’ve since bonded over our not-so-little-anymore babies. Her little Harvey and my Olive are only two weeks apart. When Jas asked if I would be up for capturing the birth of her second and third babies (twins!), I couldn’t have said ‘yes’ any quicker than I did! Funnily enough, I was also pregnant again, so we both spent our pregnancies marvelling over the wonders of what our bodies are capable of in growing human life, while chasing our lively and energetic toddlers and siblings-to-be.

Jas was well aware and in-tune with her body, having had a positively uneventful and healthy pregnancy with the twins, she knew that she was more than capable at bringing her babies earth side naturally and worked alongside her obstetrician to do so. She reached 37 weeks and I received a phone call just before midday from her husband, Brad to say it was go time. I arrived at St John of God hospital feeling so pumped for what was about to happen. Being invited into someones birth space is not something I take for granted and it’s huge honour to be a witness and apart of such a sacred space in time for any mum or mum-to-be. With twin births, hospital protocol calls for a few more medical staff on hand ready for whatever may entail during labour and post-birth. Jas had received an epidural prior to the syntocin drip and was eagerly waiting for her body to do what it needed to do. It wasn’t long after with the guidance of her Ob, the midwives, her mum and Brad nervously waiting by her side, it came time to push out ‘Twin A’, who was placed straight onto her mums chest. ‘Twin B’ who was lying breeched in the womb, required a little extra help but was born a few minutes later, both babies letting out little cries with their first breaths earth side.

Two beautiful and healthy baby girls and an exhausted yet elated mum who did a phenomenal job at birthing them. The room was filled with so much happiness by both parents and the staff. It was such an amazing and incredible moment to have visually documented for Jas and Brad and I am eternally grateful and astounded that I can allow such a powerful and unforgettable moment in a parents life to be relived through birth photography.

Welcome to the world Poppy Mae and Winter Harri. You are so incredibly loved and I look forward to seeing you both grow in leaps and bounds, with a big brother Harvey by your side.



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