Shannon // 35 weeks

Babies, babies, beautiful babies. I’ve reached that stage in life where so many friends of mine near and far are expecting little bambinos of their own. It fills me with so much joy!

Shannon and Lenny are two gorgeous Canadians who have settled themselves here in Melbourne town. Pete met Lenny when they worked together at a cafe while studying in 2009. I have always loved Canadians and think they’re the most friendly and genuine breed of people on the planet. Shannon and Lenny are all that and more. Our hangs always involve a bundle of laughs and mocking each others accents. Fast forward in time, they jetted back to Canada in 2013┬áto wed and now they await the arrival of their little person.

Melbourne sure did turn on it’s weather that afternoon. The Wintery sun beamed down on us making it the perfect time for a stroll along the waters at Williamstown capturing Shannon, completely glowing at 35 weeks in her pregnancy and Lenny, completely chuffed by the fact that he’s soon going to be a Dad.


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